Procedural Mesh in Unity: Render a Cone

Procedural Mesh in Unity: Render a Cone

Building a Cone in Unity 3d  - c#

I’ve been thinking about implementing some sort of primitive form, cube, cylinder, capsule, etc. and look like a ship without much effort. The capsule could fit in, but does not convince me too, and the problem is that unity has no more forms.
Then I will build a cone.


Motivation: this drawback, motivated me to create my own primitive ship, a cone.



does not exist, in computer graphics, the completely circular and soft as real-world ways, because in the world of rasterization the pixels are square. What we can do is an approximation of the desired,

First I will divide the primitive form of the cone into two parts in order to work more comfortable,


Part1:  circular base, the genre radially interpolating vertices. The indices of the triangles are generated by 0-1-2 according to image and each triangle shares two vertices in common.



Part2:  generating the cone body, I use the vertices of the circular base and I link with the vertex of the peak, (which is equal to the center vertex displaced only in one axis). I also follow the order shown in the image.



UV Map: no yet.



is a great cone, very smooth, soooo smooooth! , the base maybe should be fixed. The solution is generate the triangle mesh with individual vertex (non share vertex). Anyway is fine to me.



Package contain both cones (smooth cone and sharp edged cone).




Note: te code isn’t optimal, if anyone would like improve it, welcome it!