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Once imported 2DDL Pro package, you can find under the Menu: GameObject> Dynamic 2D Light [2DDL]

About 2DLight Object Inspector

When an object “2DLight” is selected, the inspector shows up as the following image and its configurable fields will be explained below:



Are the sections that form the final mesh. He works on a tight angle between 4 and 20 divisions.


Corresponds to the radius which covers the mesh, expressed in units.

Field Range:

Is the angular aperture which determines the shape of the mesh of light. Default is set to 360 which is equivalent to a radial light. It can range from 1-359 to acquire a desired angular light effect (spot).

Light Material:

Field that only admit type materials objects, responsible of set Light style.

Is Solid Color:

boolean that determines whether the style of light will contain a material with solid color. It should be used only when materials has VertexColor shaders, or  shaders textures (cookie).

Light Color:

Color field that modifies the color of the assigned material. Its result only affects if “isSolidColor = true”.


It is a field of type LayerMask uses 2DDL Pro to know which objects should interact with.

Use Events:

When is “true”, enables the subscription to the event “OnReachedDelegate” that returns results in a array of objects reached by 2DLight.
This is required when are dealing with visibility approach. See more in example 3. Visibility.

Use Intellider Convex:

If true, forces the mesh generation with only 2 vertices. It can be taken as a performance optimization operations.

Static Scene:

Its value determines whether a scene will be static, which does not allow you to add or remove Casters once started; or dynamic, which allows the addition at any time. We recommend setting this value to True for performance matters.

Recalculate Normals:

Calculates normal before the end of frame.

Refresh Button:

Call to Rebuild () function that forces collecting colliders and reconstruction of the mesh 2dLight.

Support Button:

for send questions o support.