Important Considerations when using 2DDL



  • Light and colliders should be in the same z-order / z-depth (not supported by minimal variations eg light z = 0  – casters  z = 0.00001f


  • Check LayerMask. Make sure you have configured the same  layer in 2DLight GameObject and  Casters.

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  • Boxcollider2D rotation. To prevent strange behavior when using BoxCollider2D, you must have a minimum rotation over caster. Euler z = 0.0001f.

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  • Concave colliders Avoidance. If you have a concave shape, broken down into several convex colliders.

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  • Superimposed Collider Avoidance. do not build colliders that are partially on top of another, as 2DDL work but not detected intersection points.
  • Collider redundant Avoidance. Ensure that there is no caster-clone just below the same collider

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  • Folder of Bugs. If you can not identify or solve your problem, check folder bugs and solutions included inside the package.


Physics2DSettings > Queries Start In Colliders = TRUE otherwise the system will break.