Smooth Shadows Effects

2DDL Documentation


1) Create a new project with 2D setup.
2) Import 2DDL package (Works with both, Free or Pro 2DDL Plug-in)
3) Import Standart image effects

4) Create a new layer called “LightMesh”

5) Duplicate the main camera, same position, rotation, ortho, etc (clone)

6) In camera 1, setting must be -> Culling mask only “LightMesh” Layer.   Depth = -1

7) Camera 2 : setting this -> Clear flags: Depth Only — Culling Mask: Everything execpt “LightMesh” — Depth: 0

8) Add a Point Light and casters for testing.

9) Change 2DLight game object Layer to “Light Mesh”

10) and , in last place, drag blur.js effect in Camera 1

This conclude the fast Tutorial. If you have any questions or doubts to setup this effect, please, contact us, and we will help immediately.