Adding a 2DDL to your project

2DDL Documentation

Let’s setup the camera to display 2DDL.

  1. Download and import the 2D Lights and Shadows PRO Package (2DDL).

  2. Create an empty scene.

  3. Set the Camera to Orthographic Projection in position (X=0 ; Y=1 ; Z=-10) and SIZE=30

*2DDL also works with different camera sizes and projection modes.


4) Set the current scene view in the editor to 2D.


5) From the main menu go to “GameObject/2D Dynamic Light[2DDL]/Lights/Radial Procedural Gradient”

You will see a gradient light point show up in the scene like in the image below.


6) Now that the light is ready, we have add some casters:

From the main menu again, go to “GameObject/2D Dynamic Light [2DDL]/Casters/Hexagon” which will create a new Hexagon in the scene with 2DDL already working.


7) You can play with values like “Light Radius”, “Range angle” and “Offset” to get some nice looking effects.

Important Note:

If you overextend the light radius, it may not render correctly. Try changing the value “Offset” located in Inspector within the 2DLight GameObject.



You already have your first scene with a 2D Lights PRO Effect and it should be looking pretty cool.

You can combine the components to get different results by adding Multiple Lights and Casters a lots of other stuff. 2D Lights PRO package is fully optimized for fast rendering and has a low cost processing in the CPU, so feel free to play with the components and get your desired results.