2D Lights and Shadows


2D dynamic lights and shadows (2DDL)

What is 2DDL ?

Is a Unity package that have a Light system for 2D Environment. 2DDL works like a real Light but in 2 dimensions, rays are cast from center source and clash with obstacles called colliders. This Obstruction build the final Light and show the shadows effects.

2DDL is totally dynamic, this mean that if you change or move light source or obstacles, the final result is affected in real time.

High Performance

Amazing, beautiful and optimized 2D Lights and shadows effects. A Very cheap processing cost with minimum effort. Works very smooth in almost everything Mobile device , and of course, PC, MAC and WEB.


For Unity and You

2DDL Package built for Unity 3D and include a source code in C#. This means that if something does not fit with your project, you can dip into code, and of course have my help and support for this.

Applications & Examples

2DDL has a huge variety of examples by each need. If you do not find what you want, has our support to build it.


Has available  for online access in this web site. Ever with latest update.

Simple Setup with Drag & Drop Builder

Just choose which type of Light you want in menu and 2DLight will start working in your unity editor.

Powerful Visibility Algorythm

Not just an visual effect. A powerful tool is within source code that allow you detect if your enemy is in range of fire. Or even, if you are designing a “Bomberman”, is perfect for know what things are reached by shockwave in a maze of obstacles.

Occlusion effect

Discover a hidden world where the light shines, like a window to another dimension.

Sprite ilumination

Combines Unity3D Point light with amazing 2D shadows.


  • Radial Lights
  • Multiple Lights in scene
  • No Code script required
  • Compatibility with Unity personal & Pro
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Demos included (Basic)
  • Source Code included
  • Documentation
  • Basic Support

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