Play tetris makes you a smart person

Play tetris develop your intelligence.

It is possible that while we enjoy a good game, without even realizing it, we are stimulating the growth of our brain?
The answer is YES!.

The study was funded by the makers of Tetris and conducted by researchers at the Mind Research Network of New Mexico.
The specialists in charge, they play the game of blocks to ordinary people for a period of three months. They concluded that perform-vision space such as Tetris, Blocks Up, candy crush or Bejeweled, produce a certain stimulation in certain areas of our brain, leading to further growth of gray matter!

Specialists also recommend practicing simple mathematical calculations such as addition of 1 or 2 digits. Multipicacion, subtraction and division at least 2 minutes a day.

But like me, many would be interested in playing for our brains grow … So how to know which game is best for my intellectual development?
Well, the answer is very easy, all games that require logic combining visual space, like puzzles.

So next time you’re playing a game like this and the head starts to hurt, remember that probably will (most likely) the hangover from the night before or expanding your gray matter.



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